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We’ve been relying on Uplisting since we started with just 5 properties, now growing to 30+ at AirManaged. We tried a number of similar products before settling on Uplisting. They listen to feedback and the user-friendly design gives us a hub to manage our properties. The team are great when we have a query. 

Micheal from AirManaged

Channel management (0% commission) 🔗


Your bookings, your revenue. Uplisting charge a flat monthly subscription with no hidden fees. None. Instantly sync rates, bookings and availabilities with Airbnb and Sync with most other booking sites via iCal.

Uplisting automatically imports bookings from, Airbnb, HomeAway & more. The Uplisting calendar is the only one you need.

All your bookings in once place

You can also connect multiple iCal booking site accounts (eg. HomeAway, TripAdvisor, VRBO etc).

Property managers with multiple Airbnb and accounts can connect them all within Uplisting. No limits and no extra charges. No need to login/logout and go through two-factor authentication on Airbnb anymore.

Multiple booking site accounts

Instant syncing of rates, bookings and availabilities for Airbnb and

With direct integration to Airbnb and any time you change your rates or availabilities on Uplisting, they are synced instantly to Airbnb and Bookings are synced every minute.

No more double bookings! Turn instant booking on with confidence.

Linked in series

  1. List an entire property and the rooms/properties within
  2. List an entire property with one or more nested properties within
  3. Multiple listings for the same property

Uplisting linked listings are highly flexible. Here are a few examples:

Advanced linked listings

Linked nested listings

Lean more about linked listings here.

Booking sites like Airbnb rank listings based on factors such as how frequently you cancel or decline bookings. Uplisting significantly reduces cancellation and declines by ensuring availabilities are always correct.

More booking requests. 

More revenue.

Faster syncing for all other channels via iCal

Uplisting syncs bookings every 5 minutes for all other channels including HomeAway and TripAdvisor via iCalendar. 

This is much faster than booking sites own iCalendar syncing, which will sync every 2+ hours.

Create your own bookings and mark dates as unavailable in seconds directly on your calendar. Uplisting will sync these as unavailable dates to any booking sites you have connected to.

Create your own bookings in seconds

Smart rates and pricing 💡

Smart Rates solve the disparity with different commission structures between and Airbnb. charge a commission on the synced rate (15%), whereas Airbnb splits their commission between the host (~3%) and the guest (6 - 12%). 

Uplisting does the calculation for you.

Always earn the same amount with Smart Rates

Don't worry about earning less on or working out your rates for each channel every time you want to change your prices. Just set your rates to what you want to earn (your take home rate) and Uplisting will do the rest. Simple!

Rates Update

Instant rate syncing Colour

Instant Rate Syncing is a highly flexible method of updating rates across long (or short) date ranges and for multiple listings (or just one).

Rates are synced instantly with and Airbnb.

Quickly and easily view synced rates

Show/hide rates synced to booking sites and quickly see the price your guest will pay. With this feature you're always in control of your pricing, no hidden surprises.

See how much you will earn (take home rate) and update and sync rates directly on the calendar, instantly.

Dynamic pricing sync

Do you use Airbnb Smart Pricing or another dynamic pricing tool? You can sync those prices via Uplisting to 

Don't miss out on expert pricing recommendations to optimise your revenue. 

I would be going crazy if I did not have Uplisting managing my short-term rental bookings. I book through 3 agencies (all with instant booking features) and a website, Uplisting syncs and keeps me out of trouble. 5 STARS for customer service and tech support !!

Barr Lewis, Canada

Guest messaging 💬

Quickly see any unread messages and reply to guests directly within Uplisting with all the key information at your fingertips.

Unified single inbox

All your guest messages are displayed on a single feed. Quickly view and reply to unread messages from any Airbnb account. For those of you that work with multiple Airbnb accounts, the unified inbox is a lifesaver! 

Unified inbox for all booking sites via email is coming soon.

Automated guest messages

Do you find yourself replying to the same message over and over again? Uplisting's automated messages will save you lots of time whilst retaining the personal touches that make you a great host.

Set your own message templates (or use ours) for each property and schedule them to go out on booking, before check-in, after check-in, during stay, before check-out and after check-out.

You can switch messages on or off as required on a property and booking basis.

[NEW] Performance and insight 📈

We understand having access to your booking data is important for many reasons. Uplisting Reporting is designed to provide you with all your booking data in a quick and flexible way.

Short-term rental reporting database

All of your data at your fingertips

Use Reporting to export all booking information for one or more listings for your chosen date ranges. 

Import your guests details including email and phone number to your favourite marketing solution.

Filter to an individual property on a monthly basis to quickly calculate client invoices.

Performance analysis

Client invoicing

  • nights sold
  • average daily rate (per listing or per client/portfolio)
  • average nightly occupancy (per listing or per client/portfolio)
  • average length of stay



Reports include price breakdown for all bookings. Work out your earnings and tax deductibles (cleaning, booking site commission).

Simple, reliable and intuitive user interface 🖥

Property and channel management software doesn't need to be complicated. Uplisting has been designed to be simple to use for all team members. You can interact with all the core features directly on the calendar view. 

No hidden settings. No unnecessary complications. Simple.

Simple intuitive user interface

Uplisting has been designed with simplicity and practicality in mind. Bookings, rates, property details and more can be accessed, viewed and edited all from the main calendar view.


99.99% uptime.

0.001% sync failures.

Built from the ground up. Software you can trust. 

Free training & live chat support


We'll support your transition as much as you need at no extra cost.


Security as a priority

Steering Wheel
Steering Wheel
Steering Wheel

Availability, booking & rate sync Colour

Sync availability and bookings with Airbnb, HomeAway, 9Flats and more. Sync rates with and Airbnb.

Online payments

Spot rates

Grant access to your business partners, accommodation team, cleaners, check in services and more. No limits.

Need to alter rates for Saturday next? Simple. With spot rates you can change prices in seconds. These are automatically synced with your appropriate booking channels.

A few of the included features

Steering Wheel

Automated guest messages

No need for a merchant account. Uplisting integrates with Stripe allowing you to take deposits and payments straight into your bank account.

No need to manually type out messages back & forth to discuss confirmation, directions, etc. Airbnb only.

Unlimited users (coming soon)

0% commission

Steering Wheel

Your bookings, your revenue. Uplisting charge a flat monthly subscription with no hidden fees. None.

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