Cleaning automation 💆‍♂️

Let cleaning manage itself with our advanced changeover feature. Invite your cleaning team and Uplisting will do the rest (apart from the cleaning)!

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Invite cleaners and Uplisting will do the rest

Uplisting Cleaning provides an advanced solution for you and your cleaning team to keep track, manage and monitor cleaning events (we call them changeovers). 

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Automated changeover events

Every time a booking is imported/synced to, or manually created in Uplisting, a corresponding changeover event is created.

Your cleaner can accept, begin and complete these tasks so you can easily keep track. 

Changeover notifications

Each time a changeover event is created, modified or cancelled your cleaning team will be alerted.

Changeover email
Top Rated Serviced Accommodation Software

We’ve been relying on Uplisting since we started with just 5 properties, now growing to 30+ at AirManaged. We tried a number of similar products before settling on Uplisting. They listen to feedback and the user-friendly design gives us a hub to manage our properties. The team are great when we have a query. 

Micheal from AirManaged

The only tool you need for your vacation rentals. Job done.

💡Smart rates and pricing

💬Guest messaging

🔗Channel management

Sync with your favourite booking sites with 0% commission.

Always earn the same amount no matter the channel with Smart Rates.

All your guest messages in a unified inbox. Automated messages and more.

👩‍💻Operational management

🔀Connect to 1000+ apps

Keep track of check-ins, check-outs, changeovers and more with Uplisting Action.

📈Performance & insight

Powerful reporting. Build reports and view any other data you require.

Infinite ways to automate your workflows and operations. 

💆‍♂️Cleaning automation

😃Owner portal New

🙋‍♂️Team access & owner portal

Invite your entire team to manage one or more listings

Invite your clients access to view progress, see bookings and mark dates unavailable.

Top Rated Serviced Accommodation Software

I would be going crazy if I did not have Uplisting managing my short-term rental bookings. I book through 3 agencies (all with instant booking features) and a website, Uplisting syncs and keeps me out of trouble. 5 STARS for customer service and tech support !!

Barr Lewis, Canada

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Top Rated Serviced Accommodation Software
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