Most property managers and Airbnb hosts start their vacation rental or serviced accommodation businesses the same: get the first 5 or so properties, and run as fast as possible towards your growth goals.

It’s no surprise that certain shortcuts are taken in the early days — such as relying purely on spreadsheets to measure and track the performance of your business.

As you grow, the sheer amount of data and variables about your business and your properties are constantly changing and shifting. After about 10 properties, manually managing data through spreadsheets quickly becomes cumbersome.

This is where Key Data comes in. Key Data is the vacation rental industry’s #1 business intelligence platform for property managers and owners who want only the best performance data in order to make informed decisions about their businesses and properties.

Key Data helps provide managers:

─ Full visibility with deep insight into 30-plus KPIs.

─ Rate optimization drives ADR and Occupancy like never before.

─ Reports detail the performance of each individual unit in your portfolio.

─ Creating property manager and homeowner reports is a snap.

All of this and more are exactly why we’re excited to announce our official integration and partnership with the Key Data team.

A little Key Data preview

Why integrate Uplisting and Key Data?

Here’s the really interesting part about Key Data: because it gains direct access to Uplisting, it also gets data about how each property performs over time — including length of stay, occupancy rates, and historical performance.

By integrating Uplisting and Key Data, you’ll be able to answer strategic questions like:

  • What do bookings look like for the upcoming Fourth of July weekend compared to this time last year? Should we adjust rates up or down?
  • Do some bedrooms or locations perform better than others?
  • Where are our problem areas and gaps?
  • How do we compare to our competitors in terms of rates and occupancy?

And so much more. Key Data also collects, analyzes, and anonymously exchanges data from other properties to provide you with real-time, accurate competitive insights. (But don’t worry — this is completely secure and confidential!)

How to get started

If you’re already an Uplisting customer, getting started with Key Data is easy. All you have to do is request a demo with the Key Data team by clicking here. From there, the Key Data team will walk you through an implementation process to ensure data onboarding is smooth and effortless from all of your systems — Uplisting included.

Data from Uplisting such as unit details, reservation details, and unit availability will populate into your Key Data account every day so you can make critical business decisions and increase your profitability.

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About Key Data

Key Data is the world’s #1 trusted data source for vacation rental data and analytics.

Through direct integrations with over 30+ property management systems for vacation rental professionals, resorts and hotels around the world, Key Data aggregates historical and forward-looking data in real time to create the industry’s leading analytics dashboards for professional vacation rental managers and tourism organizations.

About Uplisting

Uplisting is the all-in-one solution to scale your vacation, short-term, and serviced accommodation business by automating your daily tasks and distributing your listings across Airbnb,, Vrbo (Homeaway) and a powerful direct booking engine.

Automatically import your listings directly from Airbnb and connect to top channels like, Vrbo, and more in minutes. Instantly sync bookings, rates, and availability with 0% commission, no setup costs, and no hidden fees. Save hours every week with automated messages, smart rates, and much more.

It’s intuitive, reliable, and adds value to your business within 30 minutes of starting your 14-day free trial. Plus — you can rest easy knowing you’ll never get a double-booking. ✨

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