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0% commission, unlimited users and syncing to all channels included.

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150+ properties

+$10 for additional properties


10+ properties

Same great features as property manager, plus:

+$5 for additional properties

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0% commission. No setup fees.

No credit card required

0% commission. No setup fees.

Dedicated account manager

Easy to use property management system

Unlimited syncing to, Airbnb, etc

Up to 3 Airbnb accounts

Automated guest messages

Guest payments (via Stripe)

Smart rates (auto calculate commissions)

Live chat support

Account setup via Skype

API access

Property manager


Same great features as owner/manager, plus:

0% commission. No setup fees.

Up to 5 properties

Unlimited Airbnb (+ all other channels) accounts

Owner access (coming soon)


Advanced automation rules

Advanced linked listings

Priority support


Is your current solution giving you headaches? Uplisting is your pain killer.

Free training & live chat support

Built from the ground up. Software you can trust. 

We'll support your transition as much as you need at no extra cost.

99.99% uptime.

0.001% sync failures.


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€45/m plus €9 per additional property

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€90/m plus €4.50 per additional property

£80/m plus £4.00 per additional property

£40/m plus £8 per additional property

$140/m plus $7.00 per additional property

10+ properties

Price in GBP (£)

$70/m plus $14.00 per additional property

Price in AUD ($)

Up to 5 properties



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We’ve been relying on Uplisting since we started with just 5 properties, now growing to 30+ at AirManaged. We tried a number of similar products before settling on Uplisting. They listen to feedback and the user-friendly design gives us a hub to manage our properties. The team are great when we have a query. 

Micheal from AirManaged

Sync with your favourite
booking sites, and more.


Is Uplisting reliable?

How does the 14 day free trial work?

What channels (like Airbnb) does Uplisting work with?

Your free trial includes all Uplisting’s features. No credit card required to sign up for the trial. You don’t need to let us know if you want to cancel, and you can upgrade at any time.

Frequently asked questions

How much commission do you charge on bookings?

Uplisting syncs bookings, rates and availabilities instantly with and Airbnb.

Uplisting connects with 9Flats, HomeAway and VRBO via iCalendar. Uplisting can sync bookings originating from these channels to your Uplisting calendar, and update each channel of your unavailabilities. We’re adding new channels frequently.

Nada. Zilch. None! Uplisting charges a flat monthly fee depending on the number of properties you manage. You can upgrade and downgrade automatically.

We understand that reliability is a huge issue with other solutions on the market. We hear it from new members nearly every day.Uplisting has been built from the ground up with reliability at its core. Our cloud-based software is accessible from any computer or mobile device.

Steering Wheel

Availability, booking & rate sync

No need for a merchant account. Uplisting integrates with Stripe allowing you to take deposits and payments straight into your bank account.

Sync availability and bookings with Airbnb, HomeAway, 9Flats and more. Sync rates with and Airbnb.

Steering Wheel

Unlimited users (coming soon)

Spot rates

Automated guest messages

Need to alter rates for Saturday next? Simple. With spot rates you can change prices in seconds. These are automatically synced with your appropriate booking channels.

Features included

Steering Wheel
Steering Wheel

0% commission

Grant access to your business partners, accommodation team, cleaners, check in services and more. No limits.

Your bookings, your revenue. Uplisting charge a flat monthly subscription with no hidden fees. None. Colour
Steering Wheel

No need to manually type out messages back & forth to discuss confirmation, directions, etc. Airbnb only.

Online payments

Uplisting Hero Optimised

Start your free 14 day trial

Better experience for your guests, fewer headaches for you and your team. You'll be set up in minutes.

Unlimited team members

Grant access to your business partners, accommodation team, cleaners, check in services & more. No limits. Coming soon.

No add on fees for extra features or premium channels. Our pricing is per property, per month. 

0% commission on your bookings

All features and channels included

Your bookings, your revenue. Uplisting charge a flat monthly subscription with no hidden fees. None.

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