We're excited to introduce a game-changer in property management analytics: Uplisting's new Advanced Reporting feature. This innovative tool goes beyond mere data aggregation; it's about crafting a detailed narrative for your properties, enabling you to filter bookings with precision, customize columns to your specific needs, and export data for deeper analysis with third-party tools.

Purpose and Benefits

Advanced Reporting is a powerful tool designed to give you more control and flexibility over your booking data. It goes beyond basic reporting by allowing you to create tailored reports that precisely match your specific needs.

Here's a brief rundown of what Uplisting's Advanced Reporting can offer:

1. Customized Views: Pinpoint the bookings that matter most to your operations. Tailor your reports to focus on the data crucial for your business decisions.

2. On-Demand Data: Get live reports that accurately reflect your business's dynamic nature, offering insights like high-guest-count bookings or high-revenue stays.

3. Simplified Workflow & CSV Export: Save your preferred report formats and bid farewell to repetitive adjustments. And download your personalized reports for deeper analysis anytime.

How it works

  1. Accessing Reports: Navigate to "Reports" in Uplisting to begin.
  2. Selecting and Customizing Reports: Choose from 8 default reports or create new ones by adjusting filters and customizing columns.
  3. Filter Application: Utilize various filters like booking dates, features, pre-arrival tasks, or property attributes for targeted analysis.
  4. Saving and Updating: Easily update or save your reports, enabling quick CSV download for further analysis.

Default Reports

Default reports ready for customization include:

  • Booking report (next 30 days): Same as existing report from calendar/reports
  • Booking report (legacy) (next 30 days): Same as existing report from calendar/reports
  • Security deposit payment information required (next 30 days)
  • eSign rental agreement not signed (next 30 days)
  • Guest identity unverified (next 30 days)
  • Unpaid bookings checking (next 30 days)
  • New bookings this week
  • Bookings requiring action (Next 14 days)

Group Filter Functionality:

Advanced Reporting's group filter functionality allows for detailed and specific searches within a dataset, combining multiple search criteria using logical operators like AND and OR.

Customized Columns and Timezone Selection:

Select specific parameters to display for detailed insights, and choose the timezone that best fits your needs for date filtering options.


Advanced Reporting in Uplisting is more than just a data tool; it's a strategic partner in your property management journey. It empowers you with the insights needed to make smart, timely decisions, tailored to the unique demands of your business. Dive into this powerful feature today and unlock the full potential of your data with Uplisting.

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