Adjusting your rates based on market fluctuations and getting data-driven insights is possible thanks to PriceLabs.

PriceLabs does all of the hard work of calculating prices based on market supply and demand, seasonal and day-of-week trends, special events and holiday predictions, and the number of days left to book — which means hosts and property managers can always stay competitive while maximising their booking revenue.

But what about getting all of those optimised rates into your favorite channel manager? And syncing them across every single channel the listings are distributed through?

This is where Uplisting’s PriceLabs integration comes in. Now you can sync all of your optimised rates from PriceLabs into Uplisting across every single channel for every listing.

Why bring rates from PriceLabs into Uplisting?

There's several reasons why you'd want to integrate the two platforms, but here's the quick list:

  1. It maximises your potential booking revenue. Since PriceLabs scours the market to adjust your rates rates and minimum length of stays, you can bring these optimised rates & restrictions into Uplisting for distribution across all of your channels.
  2. It helps you stay competitive — even while you sleep. Every day, Uplisting will automatically sync and update your rates across every channel, and it will always be the best rate from PriceLabs.
  3. It saves loads of data entry time. You could absolutely take rates from PriceLabs and manually update them on your channels everyday. Or you could integrate with Uplisting and save your previous hours!

How to get started

Pulling rates from PriceLabs into Uplisting is easy. All you have to do is connect PriceLabs via an API key. Here is where to find it:

  1. Navigate to the Connect page in your Uplisting account
  2. Select the PriceLabs page and follow the instructions

Once you have the API key, go to PriceLabs, click “Add your listing” Button and enter the API key. That’s it — PriceLabs and Uplisting are connected! You can select in PriceLabs which properties you want to update and PriceLabs will send new rates every day to Uplisting!

Optimised rates and restrictions from PriceLabs will populate into your Uplisting account every day so you can always maximise your booking revenue and booking frequency.

From there, Uplisting will do what it does best: sync rates across every channel for every listing, and ensure that you’ll never get a double-booking.

About PriceLabs

PriceLabs is an innovative and easy to use dynamic pricing solution for the short term rental industry. A data-driven approach, automation rules, and customisations to manage pricing and stay restrictions helps hosts and property managers increase revenues and save hours.

Their team has several years of experience in revenue management, travel distribution, technology, and analytics, and has put all that experience to making a leading revenue management solution for the vacation and short term rental industry.

Founded in 2014, PriceLabs has priced over 100,000 listings in 100+ countries globally.

About Uplisting

Uplisting is the all-in-one solution to scale your vacation, short-term, and serviced accommodation business by automating your daily tasks and distributing your listings across Airbnb,, Vrbo (Homeaway) and a powerful direct booking engine.

Automatically import your listings directly from Airbnb and connect to top channels like, Vrbo, and more in minutes. Instantly sync bookings, rates, and availability with 0% commission, no setup costs, and no hidden fees. Save hours every week with automated messages, smart rates, and much more.

It’s intuitive, reliable, and adds value to your business within 30 minutes of starting your 14-day free trial. Plus — you can rest easy knowing you’ll never get a double-booking. ✨

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