As a property manager, you have most likely heard of vacation rental software, and questioned if making the switch to a virtual property management system is right for you. There are plenty of reservations we hear when it comes to making this decision: what if I am not technologically savvy?  Do the benefits outweigh the costs? You may even be more comfortable with the traditional way of managing your properties, but remember, comfortability does not necessarily mean you are optimizing your time in the best way possible. 

In this guide, we put to rest the common misconceptions surrounding rental software, and discuss how you can utilize the various features available to make your life easier and manage your properties more efficiently. 6

Common Concerns/Questions

Being in the vacation rental software business, Uplisting has heard many of the same reservations concerning rental software of the years. Here are some common concerns, as well as our thoughts on the topic at hand:

“I’m not great with technology, will this be difficult for me to navigate?”

While we strive to make the navigation of our software as simple as possible, we understand there are many different levels of expertise when it comes to using technology. This is why we have created useful guides and tools to ensure our customers get the most out of the software, and understand how to utilize it from top to bottom. 

We recommend joining one of our introduction webinars, where we do full demonstrations of the product, and can answer any of your questions in real time. If you find yourself at a loss while trying to perform a task, you can simply contact one of our experts at any time for more specific advice. 

“I don’t have the time to set this up”

Set-up for our software is quick and simple, and customer support is there to assist you every step of the way. The amount of time you will continue to save from our automated services far outweighs the amount of time it takes to get fully integrated with the software, and you only have to do this once. 

“I want to keep my commissions.”

Uplisting prides itself as a monthly subscription based service, and takes 0% of your commissions (and we never will). 

Benefits of Vacation Rental Software

Now that we addressed the common concerns surrounding rental software, let’s talk about the benefits. There are countless ways that our vacation rental software can be used to efficiently manage your property, so for now, we will stick to the main reasons why switching to Uplisting can benefit you:

Save Time

The main reason why customers choose to switch to our software is simple: they want to save time managing properties. Our software features many ways to automate common property management tasks that plague property managers every day, so they are available to focus on the big picture and not worry about the little things. 


Property managers list their properties on multiple booking sites, and keeping up with all of these bookings can become a major headache when switching from platform to platform. Uplisting fully integrates with most major vacation rental booking sites (Airbnb, VRBO, etc.) to ensure all of your bookings are in one place, eliminating the chance of double bookings, missed inquiries, and all of the other small management tasks that can be easily overlooked. 


With all of this time saved, and so many management tasks being automated, vacation rental software allows your business to scale quickly. Traditional property management comes with a price: property managers can only handle so many properties before they are overwhelmed, and scaling up means hiring more employees. Uplisting’s software can never be overwhelmed, allowing you to take on more properties without all of the extra work that comes with managing them. 

Why Choose Uplisting? 

Uplisting covers all of your property management needs, and is simple to use for even the most technologically unsavvy. We have experience with every aspect of vacation rental management, and carefully considered every detail when building our software. We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service in the industry, and the door is always open to customers who may have questions about our software, or who just want to chat about how they can make better use of the product. 

Our current customers love the results, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Check out real reviews and case studies from customers we work with, and see what they have to say about our software! If you are interested in our vacation rental software, sign up on the website, or contact our customer support team for any questions you may have.

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