Three-quarters of office workers across the globe are working completely remote or hybrid, and plan to continue doing so in the future. This shift has impacted the short-term rental industry massively. Travelers are taking advantage of their newfound flexibility by extending vacations, rental hopping, and working from anywhere and everywhere, leading to a flux in demand. 

Maybe because of the sector's increasing success, you’ve expanded your portfolio. But you now face the challenge of maintaining more properties. What if we told you that property managers can also benefit from the remote working trend? It’s inefficient and costly to manage your short-term rentals onsite (think of all the time and money spent commuting that you could reinvest into your business). 

Short-term rental software can run your business for you - put bluntly, it can run it better. Having your business on autopilot leaves little room for human error, creating a seamless service all round. Pair this with reliable teams and your business will be unstoppable. Not sure how to reach this? Here are six tips to get you on the right track.

Top 6 tips for remote property management 

1. Prioritize guest communication 

Spurred on by a tech-forward, always-on world, the demand for timely and consistent responses to guest queries before, during, and after a stay has risen drastically.  Communication is now more than ever a key contributor to the guest experience. 

Does this mean property managers should spend more time communicating with guests? Yes and no. While guest communication should be prioritized, it doesn’t have to absorb your valuable time. The majority of guest queries are repetitive, like confirming check-out time. So, why not automate this process? With automated guest messaging, you can send post-booking welcome messages (including answers to frequently asked questions, reducing further queries), check-out instructions, and even follow-up communications thanking them for their stay and prompting a review. 

What’s more, with a unified inbox you can centralize guest communications and utilize saved replies to quickly answer those frequently asked questions. Your guests will be satisfied, and you’ll be free to focus on what matters most: growing your business. 

2. Hire a reliable housekeeping team 

Recent events have further heightened the cleanliness standards expected from short-term rental guests. This may sound daunting, but it’s easier than it sounds to meet these demands. 

Start with a short-term rental cleaning checklist. Next, hire a reliable housekeeping team you trust to get your properties up to standard. Finally, and most importantly, integrate the cleaning schedule into your property management system to streamline the entire process.  

3. Install security tech 

You may be wondering - how do I ensure my assets are protected when I’m managing my properties remotely? For your peace of mind, increased guest appeal, and property safety, utilize security technology. Whether it’s smart locks or noise monitoring devices, there’s a whole host of high-quality security innovations property managers can adopt. 

And once these are integrated with your property management system, you’ll gain full visibility and knowledge of who is in your properties at all time - no matter where you are. 

4. Automate property access

Say goodbye to meeting guests during check-in and check-out, to handing over keys, to wasting employee time. Instead, say hello to fully automated keyless entry software powered by smart lock technology. 

Smart locks enable entry to authorized personnel (whether that be guests, housekeeping, inspection, or maintenance) through an app or code, which you’ll have complete control over in your all-in-one platform. This software allows you to keep track of team schedules, as you’ll receive notifications when they use their unique codes, and on top of guest stays. 

5. Provide a detailed welcome book

Providing guests with detailed property and surrounding area information can help cut down guest queries and improve their overall experience. 

What should you include in a short-term rental welcome book? The basics are… 

  • A welcome message
  • WiFi password
  • Appliance instructions - TV, heating/cooling, cooker
  • Property rules - garbage day, recycling arrangement, swimming pools
  • Emergency instructions - where to evacuate, nearest services
  • Local amenities - supermarkets, taxis, shopping, restaurants, takeaway menus
  • Local attractions  - museums, hikes, family-friendly activities
  • Invite guests to leave a review post-stay 

6. Streamline your entire operation

Think of all the processes you’re currently spending too much time on. These likely include managing multiple calendars, accepting booking requests from various marketing channels, confirming guest identifications, and collecting payments. And yet, despite it consuming all of your time, you’re unable to avoid mishaps like double bookings.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Property management systems and channel management platforms enable property managers to optimize their workload. From a multi-calendar, which integrates availability across all active listing sites (never double book again) and allows changes to prices or restrictions all in one place, to automated security deposit collection systems, guest identity verification, and eSign rental agreements. 

You shouldn’t be working hard for your business; it should be working hard for you. The right technology, including integrated security tech, communication inboxes, a property management system, and a channel manager, supports property managers in maintaining their portfolio and optimizing business processes from anywhere. So, why not join the remote working revolution?

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