As your business grows, you need the right support behind you. That’s why we are thrilled to partner with Minut, the property tech company helping to solve noise issues so you have more time to focus on the important stuff.

It’s inevitable that as you scale your short term rental business with the help of our specifically designed, all-in-one property management software, you’ll need ways to keep on top of the practical fundamentals, like if the neighbors are disturbed by your guests or if an unattended property is at risk of damage. We want to help you increase your revenue and grow but also to minimize inefficiencies and create 5-star guest experiences. So, we’re making it easy for you to maintain the quality of service you deliver as the number of rentals in your portfolio increases. 

Minut offers world-leading, privacy-safe monitoring and automation services to managers, owners, hosts and guests in nearly 100 countries. Their comprehensive monitoring system helps reduce issues with noise, property safety and guest comfort in an efficient and timely way, which not only improves the guest experience but also that of the hosts and neighbors - keeping everybody happy (including the local community).

By syncing Minut’s software with our accounts, we can guarantee fast, reliable monitoring of your short term rental properties to flag any potential problems before they escalate. With Minut having all the correct booking data from our software and their monitoring systems in place, you will be alerted of any potential dangers such as a break-in or a fire in good time, drastically reducing the risk to your property. They can also quickly solve minor issues like noisy guests without the need to involve you!

Since launching in 2017, we are continually looking for partnerships that align with our mission to help short term rental property managers grow their businesses

Minut’s integration protects the safety of short term rental properties, whilst creating a seamless guest experience with the use of automated systems such as contactless check-ins, temperature tracking and managed communication. This peace of mind, combined with Uplisting’s automated software, allows homeowners to safely scale their business and grow with the changing market.

Vince Breslin, CEO and co-founder of Uplisting says: “Uplisting is constantly seeking the very best integrations to help us continually improve our scale-building software for our short term rental members and we are thrilled to announce this new partnership. With Minut’s ingenious technology we’re helping hosts and managers save energy worrying about disruption or damage to their property, whilst also allowing them to efficiently maximise their communications with guests.”

Nils Erik Mattisson, CEO and co-founder of Minut says: "We've joined forces with Uplisting to create a more efficient way for hosts and property managers to resolve noise issues and manage their rentals. Uplisting shares our focus on enabling a better vacation rental experience for hosts, guests and neighbors alike, so we're really excited to be adding them as our partner." 

Check out how to get started with Uplisting or to read more about our fantastic new partner click here.

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