Learn why guest reviews are extremely important, how to collect more guest reviews, boost listing ranking and increase bookings. Oh, and do it all automatically.

Why are Airbnb reviews important?

Reviews are extremely important on Airbnb. Put simply, having many good reviews will increase the number of bookings you get.


  1. Higher ranking on Airbnb search
    More reviews on your listings, the higher your ranking on Airbnb search.
  2. Social proof
    Guests check both the content and number of reviews. 75% of guests check reviews before booking their accommodation.

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How to encourage guests to leave Airbnb reviews

The main challenge in generating reviews is encouraging guests to leave one for you. Airbnb's solution is double-blind reviews, which is genius. When you leave a review, the guest is notified. For them to see your review, they must leave one for you (or wait 14 days).

To maximise the number of reviews on your listings, you should post a review for each of your guests. This significantly increases the chances of guests reviewing you in return.

However, leaving a review for every guest is very time consuming and you may forget to post several reviews. With Uplisting's automated reviews, you can leave a review for every single guest, without lifting a finger. More on that below.

How to write the best Airbnb guest reviews to get more bookings

The best Airbnb reviews are:

  1. Personal to the guest
    This means using the guest name in the review.
  2. Positive
    You can't be positive for each guest, of course. However, for those guests (which should be the majority!) that were good guests, you should leave a few positive comments. For example, {guest_name} communicated well. {guest_name} left my place very tidy.

All reviews are public, your reviews should come across as friendly and encourage future guests to book your property. Sometimes you need to bite your tongue!

5 Airbnb guest review templates for hosts

Struggling to come up with reviews, or don't have time? Here are 5 templates to help you get started:

Airbnb guest review template 1

{guest_first_name} has been a great guest. Considerate, clean, great pre-arrival communication. Everything was perfect and we would recommend to other hosts.

Airbnb guest review template 2

{guest_first_name} is welcome back anytime! Respected our property like it was their own, clean, neat and tidy. Communication was clear throughout.

Airbnb guest review template 3

{guest_first_name} was an excellent guest. They left the space looking like they weren’t even there. Excellent communication and I would host them again. Any host would be lucky to have them. Thanks for staying with us!

Airbnb guest review template 4

A pleasure to have {guest_first_name} as a guest. Friendly, clean and I would highly recommend {guest_first_name} to all other hosts.

Airbnb guest review template 5

{guest_first_name} was very friendly. They left my property in perfect condition. It was a pleasure hosting them and we gladly recommend them to any other host. 10/10

How to automate Airbnb guest reviews

You can automate guest reviews with the click of a button on Uplisting. Saving you hours each week. Remember, reviews are extremely important on Airbnb. Leaving a review for each guest significantly increases your ranking on Airbnb search and increases the chances of a guest booking.

The video below shows you how easy it is to enable automated reviews on Uplisting (click here if you can't see the video).

What happens if I don't want to leave a positive review?

Easy, you can disable reviews on each booking.

How can automated reviews be personal?

Most of your reviews currently use a similar format or template. The only difference is you use your guest's name, and other booking specific information. The beauty with Uplisting's automated reviews is you can still do this. Each review uses review tags like {guest_first_name} to ensure each review is personal.

There is no difference to you posting a review manually.

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What's next?

If you haven't already, sign up to a 14 day free trial of Uplisting here to enable automated reviews, along with lots of other automation features such as automated guest messages, auto-responder, a unified inbox for Airbnb, VRBO/Homeaway, Booking.com, direct booking payments and many many more!

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We’ve built an all-in-one property, channel management and automation tool to help property managers scale seamlessly.