From reliable channel management to direct bookings to guest messaging to virtually every other aspect of your property business - there's Uplisting.

From reliable channel management to direct bookings to guest messaging to virtually every other aspect of your property business - there's Uplisting.

With Uplisting, you can:
- Communicate with your customers from different listing platforms
- Automate your business
- Improve operations
It's the only vacation rental software you'll need to improve your business without the hassle!

Features of our Serviced Accommodation Software

The Key to a Better Customer Experience is Automation

Your consumers may have a number of enquiries concerning your rental property. To increase the likeilhood of ranking high on Airbnb, you need to answer all questions from your guests. They can get the answers they need at any time of the day or night thanks to the auto-responder feature. You can develop personalised templates with your tone of voice to provide a more personalised experience for your customers. Add their name, check-in time, length of stay, date and time, and other information. Finally, this Serviced Accommodation Software encourages your guests to leave a review on Airbnb about you if you leave a comment about them as well. Automating your reviews is a wise approach if you want to boost the number of listings on Airbnb.

Automated security deposits to safeguard your company and provide you with peace of mind

As soon as a guest confirms their reservation, collect their security deposit to prevent cancellations. These security deposits can be automatically collected from direct reservations, Vrbo (HomeAway),, and other platforms. If there is no security deposit, they will not receive check-in instructions unless manually approved. You can link to Uplisting's unique booking welcome page from your automated messages by using the message tag. It enables them to learn more about their reservation. It includes the sections listed below:- Summary of their reservation
- Where they can upload their identification for verification
- Provide a security deposit
- Provide their actual email address
- A rental agreement for e-signature

A Master Calendar to Rule Them All

This serviced accommodation property management software allows you to check your bookings and make changes from many platforms all in one tool. As a result, you save time and energy because you no longer need to visit many websites to see your listings. The multi-calendar can handle changes to a guest's stay duration or the pricing of their stay.

"Uplisting adds a fantastic amount of automation into our business to allow us to grow by 750% to over 170 properties”

Parminder and Harminder Chana
Pass The Property (UK)

"Price-performance-wise, Uplisting is probably one of the best property management solutions on the market"

Hostminded 100+ properties (Denmark)

“I have 100 apartments and pay less than with only 20 apartments at Guesty. Customer service and the technical features that Uplisting offers us are simply much better.”

Hady Abdelnour
Propke 100+ properties (Lebanon)

"Uplisting is organized and the intelligence with which it is coded, helps me be more productive because stuff actually works."

The Wolf Rentals (US)

I couldn't be happier. I use Uplisting daily and it's really helped me turn a corner for my business from managing a few homes (that I could do manually) to many, many more.

Dave E.
Pennsylvania, 20+ properties

Discerning short term serviced accommodation property managers choose Uplisting

Put your serviced accommodation management business on autopilot—just connect your Airbnb account.


What are the benefits of using Serviced Accommodation Software?

Using Serviced Accommodation Software can provide several benefits, including streamlining operations, automating tasks, reducing manual errors, improving the guest experience, increasing revenue, and providing valuable insights into your vacation rental business's performance.

What features should I look for in Vacation Rental Management Software?

Features to look for in Serviced Accommodation Software vary based on your business needs, but some of the essential features to consider include reservation management, online booking, channel management, property and housekeeping management, guest communication, reporting, and analytics.

Can Serviced Accommodation Software help me increase my bookings?

Yes, it can help increase bookings by providing online booking and reservation management tools, as well as features such as bulk pricing updates, which can help you optimise your pricing strategy to attract more guests.

Is Serviced Accommodation Software suitable for small-scale accommodation businesses?

Yes, it can be suitable for small-scale lodging businesses. Many Serviced Accommodation Software solutions offer flexible pricing plans, allowing small businesses to select a plan that fits their budget and needs.  At Uplisting, we offer a 50% small business discount on a yearly plan for a manager with 4 properties or less. To learn more, sign up for a free trial (link to signup page) and contact the support team via live chat, who can approve the offer for your account.

What is the difference between cloud-based and on-premise Serviced Accommodation Software ?

Cloud-based Serviced Accommodation Software is hosted on a remote server, while on-premise software is installed on a local server. Cloud-based software is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, while on-premise software requires physical access to the server. Uplisting is a cloud-based software system.

Can serviced accommodation reservation software help automate tasks such as cleaning and maintenance schedules?

Yes, many serviced accommodation software programmes offer features for automating tasks such as cleaning and guest messaging. These features can help vacation rental owners and managers save time and reduce manual errors.

What security measures should I look for in Serviced Accommodation Software?

You should look for security measures such as SSL encryption, data backup, and access control. It's also important to ensure that the software complies with relevant data privacy regulations.

How does serviced accommodation software assist with guest communication and engagement?

Serviced accommodation software can assist with guest communication and engagement by providing features such as automated messaging, booking confirmations, and guest reviews. These features can help improve the guest experience and build guest loyalty.

Can serviced accommodation software provide analytics and reporting on my vacation rental business's performance?

Yes, serviced accommodation software solutions provide reporting and analytics features that can provide valuable insights into your vacation rental business's performance. These insights can help you make data-driven decisions to improve.