Being a short-term rental owner can be extremely rewarding. There’s no feeling quite like getting that first five-star review or hearing that your rental made a guest’s holiday - let alone watching profit flood in as you welcome people to stay. 

But, it’s no secret that managing short-term rentals is a lot of work too. For many, it’s a full-time job that requires being on standby 24/7. It’s easy to feel swamped by tasks and to-do lists - whether it’s handling check-ins, organizing cleaning, dealing with guest relations or managing marketing - and it’s often not long before short-term rental owners realize they need some extra help. 

When we say ‘help’, we’re not talking about someone else coming in to split the tasks and workload with you. We’re talking about a simple, easy-to-use, all-in-one short-term rental software that allows you to manage your rentals, message guests, take payment and so much more - all at the click of a button. 

Is property management software the answer to your short-term rental challenges? Let’s find out. 

1. Spend less time completing manual tasks, and more time driving business

You know what they say - time is money. As a short-term rental owner, time is your most valuable asset, so it’s important to use it wisely. But, this is easier said than done when your to-do list consists of time-consuming and repetitive operational tasks, such as organizing turnovers and communicating back and forth with guests.  

Property management software enables you to automate your daily operations, instantly freeing up time to focus on other areas of your business. With features such as a unified calendar, cleaning scheduler and channel manager integrated into one platform, you can rest assured everything is streamlined under one roof. 

2. Peace of mind guest communication is flawless 

Guests can be demanding at times - rightly so. Today, we live in a fast-paced world powered by technology, with everything we need at our fingertips. So, it’s no surprise to learn that guests often expect instant responses and quick communication. 

Using short-term rental software, you can automate guest messaging and streamline all your communications. Even if you’re not around on a certain day, you have peace of mind that a ‘welcome’ email was sent to a guest, or the right directions and instructions landed in their inbox. 

With one simple unified inbox, short-term rental managers can manage all customer requests (whether it’s on Airbnb, or a direct booking) and automate conversations with travelers using pre-saved templates. 

3. Manage booking channels and listings more efficiently 

To ensure rentals have the highest chance of being booked, most property managers list their properties on multiple channels and platforms - as well as their own direct booking site. In fact, 52% of property managers have diversified their revenue channels over the past year. 

However, keeping on top of different listings, reservations and calendars across various channels is an art itself. If one channel is overlooked, you could end up with unanswered guest queries, double bookings and damaging negative reviews. 

A good property management software will integrate channels and listings in one place, giving you complete visibility over all booking sites and the status of your properties. In other words, never worry about a double booking again! Bookings, prices, availability and more are synced in seconds. 

At Uplisting, we’re proud to be an official software partner of Airbnb, and Vrbo. There’s no need to connect to external channel managers or pay extra; channel management is included in your subscription. 

4. Cut back on costs 

There are lots of ways investing in a good property management solution can help you save money. Firstly, automating business processes and streamlining operations means fewer overheads are needed, helping you save on staff costs. Secondly, syncing listings across multiple channels means there’s a higher chance of your properties getting booked up - so you won’t be wasting money sitting on empty rentals. 

You can use a short-term rental software solution like Uplisting to automate your short-term rental business for one flat fixed monthly cost - far more efficient on your pocket. 

5. Enhance the guest experience

Finally, your main priority should always be your guests - and creating a seamless, positive experience for them is key. Using property management software, you can ensure guests are responded to in a timely manner, are free from double bookings and always turn up to a sparkling clean property - the essentials for a positive review! 

Offering a better guest experience is only going to drive more business and encourage other travelers to book your property, so it should be the driving force behind all you do. By reducing manual steps and keeping back-of-house operations smooth and streamlined, you can ensure guests enjoy their experience from the moment they book to check-out and onwards. 

Uplisting: the all-in-one short-term rental management solution

Ready to take your short-term rental business to the next level? Look no further than Uplisting, the easy-to-use, all-in-one property management software. With our reliable solution, you can grow your business without wasting time on double bookings, unhappy guests and worrying about what could go wrong next. 

We believe short-term rentals should be working for you, not the other way round. To find out more, visit our website or read some of our success stories.

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