At Uplisting, we’re always looking for ways to make the lives of short-term rental owners easier - which is why we’re incredibly excited to announce our next partnership. As you likely know, our mission at Uplisting is to help you scale and streamline your short-term rental business with our all-in-one property management solution, and we aim to partner with dynamic companies to bring you the very best innovative tech in the industry. 

Today, we’re proud to be teaming up with Tuya Hospitality - an industry vertical SaaS solution developed by Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA), a global IoT development platform service provider - to bring remote access to short-term rentals. 

The partnership will allow Uplisting vacation rental hosts to access Tuya’s universal platform capabilities, allowing them to control access to any property from anywhere in the world using their smartphone or laptop. Guests can also control their rental’s tech devices using their smartphones, creating a more enjoyable experience. We understand hosts aren’t always nearby to manage their properties, so we’re particularly thrilled about this latest integration. 

The results? Uplisting short-term rental hosts can rest assured that they can manage property access from anywhere, and guests can enjoy a more personalized stay. It’s a win-win! 

Tuya Hospitality offers a range of scalable B2B software and hardware solutions. These solutions are developed to make IoT technology globally more accessible for innovative businesses looking to include smart technologies as part of their service offering. Tuya Hospitality’s SaaS platform serves as a one-stop-shop for IoT-focused vacation rental businesses - so of course, we had to partner with them! 

Vince Breslin, Co-founder of Uplisting, said “The decision to integrate with Tuya was easy, they share the same key focuses as we do including revenue growth, automation, operations and guest experience. We’re very proud to have partnered with Tuya and to be able to offer our customers the software capabilities to control their rentals remotely.”

Dylan Sutton, International Growth Manager of Tuya, added “Uplisting’s attention to detail when it comes to delivering tailored property management solutions to vacation rental managers really stood out to us; the level of market expertise delivered through the platform assured us that a partnership between Uplisting and Tuya would help us achieve our goal of making IoT more accessible and understandable for the short-term rental market.”

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