Brett Campbell is the Director of Marketing at Floorspace, a web design studio for vacation rentals. Floorspace helps hosts and property managers grow their business with a beautiful, effective online presence. Brett has been using Uplisting’s Refer-a-Host program to earn extra income while doing something he was doing anyway - recommending Uplisting. 

The Uplisting referral program 

The Uplisting Refer-a-Host program is an opportunity for Uplisting users to become Uplisting partners. Joining the partner program gives partners the opportunity to earn 30% recurring commission on all payments made within the first 12 months for paying customers referred. 

Referral rewards

  • High earning potential - earn 30% commission each month a referred customer stays with Uplisting 
  • Help Uplisting build a better product - all profits go back into building a more valuable product
  • Unparalleled customer support - as an Uplisting partner, we’re here to help you as much as we can with resources and support 

Uplisting partner Floorspace 

To date, Floorspace has made 29 conversions using Uplisting’s Refer-a-Host program. 

“We often recommend Uplisting to our clients and potential clients, and we talk about the platform in our blog posts too. As we were making so many recommendations and pointing many of our clients in the direction of Uplisting, we wondered whether there was a rewards scheme in place - and there is on the Uplisting website.” 

Once Brett signed up for the Refer-a-Host program, he found that Floorspace could start making referrals right away. Something that stood out for Brett was how easy the process was, from the dashboard containing all of his commission data to the simple referral links he and his team could pass on to clients. 

“The referral program is really straightforward and easy to use. The dashboard has all the information we need, and it’s very easy to use our referral link. 

Whenever we recommend Uplisting to clients or potential clients, we simply send our referral link via email. We let our clients know it’s a referral link, and that we can get a commission if they sign up through it. It’s a transparent, easy process. We also include our referral link in our blog posts.” 

In terms of tracking referrals, Brett has access to all of the information he needs on his own personal dashboard. 

“You can see on the dashboard when you have successfully referred someone, along with how many referrals you’ve sent, how many signed up, and how many have active accounts.” 


The Refer-a-Host program has benefited both Brett’s business and his clients. For Floorspace, the referral program is a great way to earn alongside their business. 

“The Uplisting referral program provides a source of side income for promoting a product we would be recommending anyway. It’s a win-win. So far, we’ve had 29 conversions out of 34 leads, which are good figures. We’ve referred a total of 5,349 visitors to date.” 

It’s not just Floorspace that benefits from using the Refer-a-Host program; when referrals join Uplisting, they can streamline and scale their business efforts using a reliable, recommended property management system. 

“According to our Uplisting dashboard, 21 of the 29 referrals who have signed up still have active accounts, so it’s clear our clients are happy with Uplisting in general. It’s a platform we are happy to recommend, as we’ve been using Uplisting to scale our business for a while now.” 

For others using Uplisting, I would recommend becoming an Uplisting partner through the referral program. If there are people in your circle who could benefit from using Uplisting, the referral program is a great way to earn some side income for recommending a product you believe in.” 

If you’re an Uplisting member and would like to try the Refer-a-Host program, join our partner program today. To find out how we’ve helped other short-term rental businesses scale, take a look at our Case Studies

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