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Company overview

Pass The Property is a service accommodation management company based in the U.K. Pass The Property launched back in 2017 and now operates within 25 cities across the U.K. with about 170 properties and growing.

The Challenge

Overwhelmed by growth, underwhelmed by popular solutions

When Pass The Property (PTP) first started their business, they started much like every property management company for short-term rentals: as scrappy as possible that became unmanageable over time.

Managing just a few properties in the early days of the business was easy using spreadsheets and manual connections, but as they grew to more than 20 properties, it quickly became overwhelming.

“It was a lot of manual work. After you're dealing with five, ten properties, it was obvious we needed something. We couldn’t send check-in information, so for the first five properties — me and my brother and I were working full time, bear in mind — we then have to copy and paste these check-in messages and send them to guests manually."

“Sometimes we have to wait until the guests pay or make sure payments have gone through or deposits have gone through. And when we were new into the business, you didn't know anything by the name of
‘channel manager’. You just knew that you needed some sort of software.”

Parminder researched his options and discovered the world of property management software, channel managers, and short-term vacation rental software.

“When you do a little bit of research, you realize you need a channel manager. That's when we went to Tokeet, one of the big ones to start with.”

PTP started with one of the more well-known channel managers, but quickly ran into issues with syncing, reliability, and the property manager’s worst nightmare — double-bookings.

“We actually tried Tokeet for only a week or so, but I found lots of issues with it. Things weren't syncing properly and there were lots of issues with double-bookings and there was very, very little support.”

After testing the platform for a week, PTP knew that they needed a more reliable channel manager and platform in order to sustainably grow their business.

The Solution

A reliable channel manager and source of truth

At the time, Pass The Property was managing around 20 properties, but it was critical that they had zero double-bookings, and access to an excellent support team. Parminder was introduced to Uplisting — a property management solution designed for growing companies — and tested the platform.

Because Uplisting is heavily focused on building features that automate the operations and management of short-term and vacation rentals, Parminder was able to confidently leverage the platform and scale his business

“Uplisting has helped us grow our business in terms of managing the properties well to prevent double-bookings. It adds a fantastic amount of automation into our business to allow us to grow. We use it to manage our 170 properties across our entire portfolio. It speaks to my cleaners, it speaks to my owners, it speaks to the majority of the channels.”

Perhaps most importantly, Uplisting has served Pass The Property as one source of truth for all of the bookings in the business and for every team — no matter where they’re located.

“Uplisting is sort of like our main base. We can see all of our bookings there. Our team out in the Philippines and our team in the U.K. all use Uplisting to look at bookings. It holds information about check-in details. It automatically schedules cleans with cleaners. Everybody's got different calendars they can see so everyone can undertake their jobs as part of the infrastructure of the business. And it gives the owners access so they can see what's going on with the property bookings-wise.”

The Results

Growth, confidence, and a true partnership

Uplisting’s channel manager and integrations with Airbnb,, VRBO (Homeaway), and more not only completely eliminated double-bookings for PTP, but they also were able to automate much of their daily tasks.

“We’ve never had a double-booking, which is the biggest problem for any management company is to ensure you don't get a double-booking.”

PTP was also able to stay lean as they grew and scaled their business.

“Uplisting has allowed my business to still remain lean. I don't need as many staff as I would if I didn't have it because of the elements of automation, of automatically sending details, automatically doing certain things. It means I didn't need to take on more overhead.”

Uplisting also worked directly with Parminder and the PTP team on developing some custom features that would make life even easier for the business resulting in a true partnership that Uplisting hopes to achieve for every customer.

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Before Uplisting

Couldn’t scale the business with just manual effort

Needed a reliable, trustworthy software partner

Popular property management solutions proved to have syncing issues and double-bookings

With Uplisting

Growing the business while remaining lean

Access to amazing customer support

From reliable channel management to direct bookings to guest messaging to virtually every other aspect of your property business - there's Uplisting.

From reliable channel management to direct bookings to guest messaging to virtually every other aspect of your property business - there's Uplisting.

Switching to Uplisting is easy — just connect your Airbnb account