As a property manager with multiple properties to keep track of and many contractors and teammates to manage, you’re probably on the go all the time.

Guests, however, book at all hours of the day, night, and any day of the week. And they have questions — lots of them.

Being able to reply to guests at any time and provide a helpful, timely reply — even when you’re on the go — is important both to property managers and guests.

We’re proud to introduce you to Uplisting’s new mobile app - designed specifically for overwhelmed property and vacation rental owners who want to simplify their life and stay up-to-date with guest communications.

Uplisting iphone app

Why use Uplisting’s mobile app?

There's several reasons why you'd want to condense your property listings into a single app, but here's the quick list:

  1. Notifications for all bookings in real-time. You'll get notifications for every new guest message from Airbnb,, Vrbo (Homeaway) and direct bookings.
  2. It brings all of your guest messages to one place. By being able to manage all your guest messages under Uplisting’s simple-to-use mobile app means your guests get a timely response from you and you can free up a ton of time from your already busy schedule.
  3. It allows you to help a guest in real time. Gone are the days of waiting for a frazzled customer to call or message you because they can’t get the exact outcome needed before, during, or after their booking. Uplisting’s mobile app lets you call or message customers directly no matter where you are.
  4. Pre-filled response templates help you save time. Quickly and easily select a template from your phone when responding to a guest. Personalized snippets make it easy to pull data from the guest’s booking into the message.

How to download the app


Search for Uplisting on the Apple app store, or click the link below.


Search for Uplisting on the Google Play store, or click the link below.

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About Uplisting

Uplisting is the all-in-one solution to scale your vacation, short-term, and serviced accommodation business by automating your daily tasks and distributing your listings across Airbnb,, Vrbo (Homeaway) and a powerful direct booking engine.

Automatically import your listings directly from Airbnb and connect to top channels like, Vrbo, and more in minutes. Instantly sync bookings, rates, and availability with 0% commission, no setup costs, and no hidden fees. Save hours every week with automated messages, smart rates, and much more.
It’s intuitive, reliable, and adds value to your business within 30 minutes of starting your 14-day free trial. Plus — you can rest easy knowing you’ll never get a double-booking. ✨

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