If you are a property manager looking to increase your knowledge and learn from other property managers, you most likely have searched around for some advice on the internet. However, not everything you read on the internet is necessarily advice you should take, and you might be left wondering who to trust when it comes to industry knowledge. Luckily, Uplisting has extensively researched blogs in the property management industry, and we compiled a list of our favorite property management blogs to follow in 2021!

Property Management Blogs: Our Picks

Uplisting has received no payment/incentive from any blog mentioned in this roundup. Picks are based solely on the value each blog provides to property managers. The list has been randomized, and we do not recommend any one blog over another. 


Appfolio’s property management blog features top notch content on everything from real estate industry trends to property management efficiency tips. The blog is extremely easy to navigate, and you can separate topics based on what you are looking to learn. Categories include marketing, legal issues, networking events, and much, much more! 

Whether you are a residential property manager, commercial, or a mix, Appfolio has quality content for you. Coupled with this, they also have a very informative podcast named “The Top Floor” that covers a wide variety of real estate topics. 


Apartments.com is most likely familiar to most property managers, as many will use the website to list their rental properties. However, apart from the website being a great asset for property listing, they have an equally solid blog that property managers can utilize to their advantage. 

The legal section of the blog is particularly extensive, and you can tailor your content to the specific state/states you manage property in. The blog also features a great deal of informational videos that outline common issues property managers deal with such as screening tenants, collecting rent, and more. 


RealPage has an extensive blog that is updated regularly, and covers a wide range of property management related topics such as budgeting, real estate technology, networking, property management techniques, and more. You can filter the content based on commercial management, residential management, asset optimization, and 13 other categories. 

The website also features a separate blog, RealPage’s analytics blog, where property managers can find data-backed blogs that deal with current market trends, housing data, and other analytical information that keeps property managers informed. All in all, there is enough useful content on this blog to keep property managers occupied for as long as they would like. 

Multifamily Insiders

The Multifamily Insiders website is essentially a gigantic database of blog content, and covers nearly every topic a property manager could possibly think of. This includes research data, marketing advice, budgeting, and a wealth of other topics that property managers will find extremely useful. 

We particularly enjoy this blog due to the forum feature, where property managers can interact with colleagues and industry experts, allowing them to hear from others who have been in the exact situations they are facing. If you are looking for an all-in-one resource for anything property management, you have come to the right place!

Airbnb Hosting Blog

Because this is a roundup for the year 2021, it would almost be irresponsible of us not to mention Aibnb’s Host Blog. This blog is a large selection of resources for managers and owners who host their properties on Aibnb’s platform, something many property managers are increasingly gravitating towards due to the high demand/traffic for Airbnb. 

Not only does the blog give you detailed instructions on how to properly list your properties on Airbnb, but it also features extensive guides concerning best practices, rules templates, and additional content that hosts will find useful. The blog also highlights the legal aspects of hosting vacation rentals, and what you need to do to ensure you are covered. If you are a property manager who plans to list on Airbnb, this blog should be the first place you look towards when discovering information about the platform. 


Being the massive real estate giant that Zillow is, it is no surprise that they have a large property management blog filled with quality content to match. Chances are you have used the website, but diving in a bit further into the wealth of content that zillow has to offer can be extremely beneficial for property managers looking to find the latest news in the real estate market. 

Zillow’s blog features a wealth of content that is tailored directly to property managers, but we like the blog because of the added benefit of the website being mainly targeted at consumers as a whole. This gives property managers a great look into the types of questions being asked by buyers/renters, information that is incredibly valuable to anyone that is trying to be successful managing properties. 

In addition, Zillow is one of the largest providers of market data and research in the real estate industry, so managers can really get a feel for the current conditions and trends of the market by taking the time to read this blog. 


If you are in the short-term rental game, AirDNA blogs are a must read for the most up to date market research. AirDNA conducts their own extensive market research, and provides some great content concerning short term rental property management. 

The blog also includes case studies on how using data can affect property management efficiency, something many property management blogs tend to fall short on. These case studies are extremely valuable to property managers, as you can learn how to use a truly analytical approach when making management decisions. If you are a short term rental property owner looking to list your property on Airbnb, VRBO, or another vacation rental website, this blog is certainly one you will want to keep bookmarked. 

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