We want your business to thrive! At Uplisting, we know the market is constantly evolving and we want to ensure you don’t get left behind. Equipped with the right software and connections to support your property management business, we aim to secure new innovative partnerships with those who share our values. So, we’re pleased to announce another exciting integration, this time with Beyond. 

Beyond is a revenue management solution for short term rental property managers and owners.  Its pricing tool, with extensive market data, pairs with OTA distribution like Airbnb, Vrbo, and its proprietary best-in-class booking engine. The collaboration between Uplisting and Beyond ensures as you scale your business, you bring in, grow and maintain your revenue. 

The integration allows customers to access Beyond’s dynamic, demand-driven pricing tool as part of their property and channel management solution with Uplisting. This means improved revenue forecasting, as well as operational efficiencies, all resulting in greater profitability and business growth. 

Since Uplisting’s launch in 2017, we’ve worked with property managers globally to support them to increase revenue, decrease inefficiencies, create 5-star guest experiences, and reliably grow. We’re constantly seeking the best opportunities to supply you with the next tech advances, so that as you grow, you grow safely and efficiently.

Vince Breslin, CEO and Co-founder of Uplisting commented: “We’re excited to introduce our short-term rental members to Beyond’s innovative pricing capabilities to help them maximize revenue. The short-term rental industry is growing at a rapid pace and we’re committed to helping our members grow their businesses in this space. By giving them direct access to Beyond’s dynamic pricing tool as part of their channel management, that’s exactly what we’ll help them do.”

Julie Brinkman, CEO of Beyond added, “We’re incredibly passionate about, and dedicated to, the vacation rental industry, and look for every opportunity to support our customers with like-minded partners. Our partnership with Uplisting will help short-term owners and managers around the world save time and increase revenue with improved access to market data and the tools to deliver the best prices at the right time.” 

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