Vacation rental software is the ideal solution for the headache of managing multiple properties. Once you have five or more to manage, you’ll have dozens of guests every week, plus the platforms to deal with, and third-party providers and everything else that comes with managing short-term rentals.

As your portfolio increases, the amount of manual work that goes into keeping every plate spinning grows exponentially. It takes hard work and effort to develop a portfolio of vacation and short-term rental properties.

With the unexpected impact of Covid-19, Airbnb property owners and managers need to adapt, manage bookings, properties, and generate profits more efficiently. Vacation rental software is one of the most effective ways to grow and manage multiple listings and service providers. Uplisting is the most reliable vacation rental software on the market. We look at why in this article, and how it benefits Airbnb rental property owners.

Benefits of Uplisting for Airbnb hosts

#1: Extremely Reliable

When it comes to vacation rental software, you need something reliable. It can make a huge difference.

Other solutions on the market often lose Airbnb’s connection. So you can think everything is working as it should when bookings aren’t coming through, and you need to manage everything directly. All of this takes time and more work, precisely why property owners and managers invest in solutions such as Uplisting.

When vacation rental software is reliable, you can be confident everything will run smoothly. Fewer headaches for you, such as double-booking nightmares, and less stress; what more could you want from the best vacation rental software?

#2: Avoid double-booking headaches

One of the most severe and persistent problems with other software in this market is the number of double-bookings.

Time and again, hosts and property managers struggle with guests booking on the same night. No one wants this sort of stress. The last thing you need is negative reviews putting off other potential guests, alongside dealing with the financial cost of compensation. It would help if you had software that’s going to give you peace of mind.

We hear from customers all the time that’s why they love Uplisting. It’s easier to sleep knowing software running 24/7 is going to book guests the right way, instead of giving you another double-booking nightmare.

#3: Save managers and owners time with automation

When you’ve got multiple properties to juggle, everything you can do to save time is useful.

Hence one of the many reasons to invest in time-saving and cost-effective vacation rental software. With Uplisting, as we outline below, several features are automated and save property owners an enormous amount of time. Features such as automated guest reviews, smart rates, and rapid response to guests and potential guests’ messages.

#4: Features that support Airbnb

Uplisting comes with features that are designed specifically for Airbnb. It’s one of the reasons it’s so reliable, and customers love using Uplisting for Airbnb. Here are the features we’ve specifically designed to work so well with Airbnb, to give you the best experience possible:

  • Smart rates: Calculate what you want to make automatically, based on Airbnb fees and any other costs, so you’ve always got a healthy margin.
  • Automated guest reviews: When you provide guest reviews quickly, it helps your rankings on Airbnb, which in turn boosts impressions and improves a positive influx of new bookings. Equally, this should encourage guests to leave reviews, which further increases impressions and bookings.
  • Automated guest messages: Ensure you send the right message and the right time, automatically. You can use message tags like {guest_first_name} to make your automated messages appear personal, just as if you sent the message manually.
  • Rapid and automated response to enquiries: When potential guests have a question, you need to respond quickly and effectively. Not only does this improve their experience, but it also improves your Airbnb rankings.

#5: Helps protect properties

At times, guests can get a little carried away. We’ve all heard of a few horror stories, which is why insurance is so important. But at the same time, you don’t want to rely on that, so it is also useful to take a deposit from a guest. If there is any damage, then a deposit should help cover those costs, and guests willing to pay a deposit are more likely to be careful. Giving you peace of mind.

#6: No booking commission; keep costs predictable

No one could have predicted a global pandemic and the impact it’s having on the economy. Fewer people are taking vacations or booking short-term rentals, and there was a time when Airbnb struggled too. However, in some states and countries, things are gradually picking up and rebounding strongly in some cases.

But it will be some time until we’re back to normal. Consequently, it helps to keep costs low. Uplisting charges a flat fee, instead of taking a commission on every booking. Other hosting software providers charge a commission, such as Guesty and Kigo. With Uplisting, revenue moves in the right direction, with costs staying fixed and predictable, making it easier to keep growing.

#7: Official Vrbo (HomeAway) partner

This is another very welcome feature for property owners and hosts that want to increase revenue through channel diversification.

Uplisting is an official partner of Vrbo, giving you another high-traffic platform to promote your property on. Thanks to us being an official partner, we help you save  5% on Vrbo commission (Vrbo normally charge 10% commission). With other providers, you’d have to pay the full fees on Vrbo and other platforms.

#8: Out-of-the-box with a beautiful direct booking engine

With our Direct Booking Engine, property owners and managers can create stunning direct booking pages in seconds. Guests love these pages and ensure managers can maximise their profits and revenue by generating income independent of popular vacation rental platforms, such as Airbnb, VRBO, or any others.

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