We knew our direct booking engine was going to be good, but the results are amazing! Over $4m (£3m) worth of direct bookings for our members in 11 months, during a pandemic! $760k last month alone. We'll be processing $1m per month soon.

Why do Uplisting members generate more direct booking revenue than the rest?

It's simple. We understand what it takes to get a guest to book direct, and we provide you with all you need out of the box.

  1. A stunning website under your brand
  2. A website that loads quickly
  3. A focus on making it as easy as possible for a guest to book
  4. Providing features to encourage bookings (like payment plans)

If you haven't seen an Uplisting direct booking website, here's an example. See the bottom of this post for screenshots.

Want to know a secret to easily boost your direct bookings?

Guest Payment Plans 🚀

That's the secret. During times of COVID your guests are looking for flexibility. Collect 10% up front (for example) and the remainder 30 days before check-in. Watch your bookings increase. The good news is Uplisting does all this for you, automatically (read more below).

Not feeling confident with your existing platform?

Do you look at your website and think, hmmm, I wouldn't book here. So do your potential guests. Let's face it, there are a lot of terrible websites out there. With Uplisting you can launch a stunning and highly converting direct booking website in minutes, genuinely. Learn more here.

How to tell if your website is losing you bookings and money

  1. Can you use your own domain, like staybnb.net? If not, guests are less likely to trust your website.
  2. Is the name of your software overly visible with logos on your website? This is confusing to guests. What am I booking?
  3. If the interface terrible? You're losing a lot of bookings.
  4. Does it take ages to load? Guests aren't hanging around.
  5. Is the payment form way too long? I'm going to Airbnb.

Every obstacle on your website, whether it be speed or a terrible design, decreases your conversion rate. This means less money in your pocket. You need to provide the best possible guest booking experience. You can with Uplisting.

Why you need guest payment plans

1. More bookings

Offering guests a payment plan reduces friction to book. Guests are more inclined to book your property when they only need to pay 50% upfront (for example).

When Airbnb rolled out guest payment plans, 40% of guests chose to do so, and opted for higher-value bookings on the whole.

2. More future bookings

According to Airbnb, paying less up front encourages bookings further in advance. Compared with ordinary bookings, the Pay Less Up Front payment option led to bookings with nearly double the lead time, helping hosts to secure and manage bookings more easily.

3. Save money

Payment rules also reduce your transaction fee burden if a guest needs to cancel. It's cheaper for you to cancel a booking where you only collected 10% as opposed to 100%.

How do guest payment plans work?

Unsurprisingly, it's quite complicated. However Uplisting does all the hard work for you (as normal!).

What your guest sees

Pay part now, part later
Your guest sees how much they are due to pay now, and how much is due later.​

Booking confirmation page
Your guest can always see the amount due and when on their booking confirmation page.

What you see

Easily see the status of each booking as the payment status is shown on the booking summary tab and on the booking price tab.

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