In May 2022, travelers booked 17 million short-term rental nights across the US. AirDNA reports that short-term rental demand is up 18% year over year. This makes for a 26% boost over 2019 and a 66% revenue increase. 

Such statistics demonstrate how in demand the short-term rental industry is right now. And travel trends back this up too, with many travelers taking advantage of remote work and traveling for extended periods, while others are traveling with multi-generational family groups or friends. Either way, it’s not surprising travelers appreciate the privacy and convenience of a well-appointed short-term rental property.

Of course, the surge in demand encourages more supply of short-term rentals. A report on the year so far reveals a predicted new supply of around 21% over last year. As a result of this increased competition, property managers must stay abreast of travel trends and offer value-added services and amenities. These tips will help you determine ways to add more value to your short-term rentals.

6 ways to easily add value to your short-term rentals

Travelers search for specific amenities using available filters on their platform of choice, including Google Vacation Rentals and Airbnb. Let’s dive into the most-searched-for features that will help your short-term rentals stand out and stay booked

Include home-like features

Coffee-makers, well-functioning air conditioning, heating, and of course, fast WiFi are non-negotiables to remain competitive in the short-term rental space.

Also, in demand are pet-friendly accommodations. With more people choosing longer stays, it’s natural to want to bring all of their family members.

Renovate old properties 

No one wants to stay in a tired, outdated vacation rental. Today’s travelers want to visit modern, well-lit, and clean-looking properties. Outdated interiors will get passed over while updated kitchens and bathrooms have greater appeal and therefore can fetch a higher price.

Install smart home tech features

In today’s hyper-connected world, guests of all ages require fast WiFi. They also expect smart TVs with streaming services (or an easy way to plug in their own Firestick), and amenities like smart outlets and automated thermostats. Smart upgrades are convenient and modern - something that more and more travelers are looking for in their stays.

Enhance the outdoor space

Multi-generational get-togethers are also on trend as well as large groups of friends looking to reconnect. As a result, properties with swimming pools are in high demand. Even without a pool, you’ll want to ensure your outdoor space is as welcoming as the interior with comfortable patio furniture, outdoor lighting, and a grill for outdoor dining.

Focus on security

Guests want to feel safe in their vacation rental. Smart locks, security cameras outside, security lighting, and regular maintenance to check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors help them feel secure.

Be on-trend 

Keyless entries make check-ins easy and secure. There’s no need to coordinate greeting guests to hand off keys; instead, they can enjoy the convenience of checking in when they arrive without stressing that they’re running behind. 

Other trends include guests who want to book meaningful local experiences. Forget one-size-fits-all motorcoach excursions; today’s travelers seek greater insight into the local area. Short-term rental property managers can connect guests with memorable experiences such as local chefs who offer private cooking classes or intimate tours of top tourist attractions. 

Key takeaways 

  • People are traveling again, they’re just doing it differently than before. They’re traveling mid-week, so a Tuesday or Wednesday check-in might not be unusual.
  • They’re looking for larger spaces either for a dedicated office for remote work or to host large groups of guests. 
  • Guests are staying longer. Remote working encourages people to explore new places for longer and 28-day plus stays have increased as much as 25% since the pandemic. 
  • Guests appreciate updated properties with all the same amenities they have at home, including smart technology for convenience. 
  • Many travelers seek immersive local experiences this year, so they can make unforgettable memories. 

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