Following on from our first year We’ve made huge strides recently in our quest to cement our position as the most useful, reliable and friendly product (and company) for short-term rental operators and managers.

Our mission at Uplisting is to make it as easy as possible for you to maximize revenues, wow your guests and optimize operations. Our intention for each feature release is to get you closer to that goal.

Mobile friendly

Uplisting is now mobile friendly, you can perform all your key actions on the go:

  • Quickly block dates on your Uplisting calendar and they'll be synced instantly to Airbnb and
  • View guests due to check in or out today, tomorrow or any time in future
  • Check your guest inbox and reply to messages
  • Mark guests as checked-in or out
  • Pull up guest contact details and give them a call or text
  • Update rates on a nighly basis or in bulk


Our Action feature is designed to help you manage your operations.

Quick and simple overview of check-in and check-outs

Use Action to quickly review all check-ins and check-outs over a weekly basis and keep track of guests using booking actions.

Show one (or more) listing at a time

Filter to an individual property to help plan property specific check-ins. check-outs, cleaning and other actions.


Action works perfectly on mobile and is print friendly

We know how important fitting Uplisting into your existing workflows is and we have designed Action to use on the go on mobile or print to paper with the click of a button.


Uplisting Action is an evolving feature

Action is a continuously improving feature and we welcome your feedback and ideas. Over time Action will allow:

  1. Assigning tasks to team members
  2. Automatically alert a number of cleaning operators to jobs that need to be done on a first come first serve basis
  3. Alert cleaning staff/operators that a property is ready to clean
  4. Cleaning staff/operators to mark when they have started cleaning a property and when complete


We understand having access to your booking data is important for many reasons. Uplisting Reporting is designed to provide you with all your booking data in a quick and flexible way.


All of your data at your fingertips

Use Reporting to export all booking information for one or more listings for your chosen date ranges.

How can Reporting add value?

  1. Client invoicing
  2. Filter to an individual property on a monthly basis to quickly calculate client invoices.
  3. Task scheduling and operations
  4. Get a list of upcoming bookings to help plan cleaning, maintenance and welcomes.
  5. Accounting
  6. Reports include price breakdown for all bookings
  7. Performance analysis, such as:
  • nights sold
  • average daily rate (per listing or per client/portfolio)
  • average nightly occupancy (per listing or per client/portfolio)
  • average length of stay
  1. Marketing
  2. Import your guest's details including email and phone number to your favourite marketing solution

and to have accessible records of:

  • guest lists
  • number of guests
  • booking site confirmation codes

Automated guest messages

Effective guest messaging is all about keeping your guest in the loop. We want to avoid the situation where guests are looking to you for answers to common questions. It's time-consuming for you and can be frustrating for them.

We're never going to eliminate all queries but we can make a significant reduction in the time you spend opening your inbox. Something we all need!

What if we could save ourselves from our inbox whilst keeping our personal touch? That's where our automated guest messages can help.


Automated guest messages are designed to answer questions before they arise, saving you hours whilst making guests feel comfortable and cared for. Messages are personal to each guest as shown in the example above.

Send your messages at the perfect time

Choose to enable up to 6 automated messages sent at key times. Here's a visualisation of the guest message flow (you don't need to use all messages).


Personalise each message using guest booking information

Insert ‘messages ‘tags’ to create messages personal to each guest.

Message templates you can edit or replace entirely

To help you get started, we’ve provided message templates. You can either tweak these to suit, or replace them entirely using your unique tone.

Unified Inbox


Whether it's flipping between multiple Airbnb accounts or the need for an easier and quicker way to respond to guest messages - our new Unified Inbox feature is for you!

All your guest messages are displayed on a single feed. Quickly view conversation threads and send messages regardless of what Airbnb account they came from without leaving the calendar.

Make more like Airbnb with Stripe and Automations


Automatically create Stripe customers from guests

Connect your Stripe account in a few seconds to automatically create customers from guests.

You can connect an unlimited number of Stripe accounts making it even easier to split payments between your portfolios or clients.



Put your repetitive tasks on autopilot with Automate. Automate includes the configuration steps to make more like Airbnb using Stripe and automations such as:

  • Create a Stripe customer
  • Alert when credit card details are invalid
  • Cancel bookings if credit card is invalid and re-open those dates on your calendar within 24 hours (coming soon)
  • Take % of payment (up to 100%) upon booking

Show booking site rates

With each booking sites comes different comissions and different rates. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to understand what rate has synced with what site. Select a button on the calendar and voilà!

Other tweaks and improvements

Filter listings

To help our members with 10's and 100's of properties locate specific listings we impleted a filter feature. Filter by one or more listing to view bookings, edit settings, update rates and more.


Speed and performance

As we started to welcome larger and larger property managers we focused our resources on improving their user experience. We implemented a number of upgrades to improve Uplisting's loading speeds. Quick as lightening! ⚡️

Connect to multiple Airbnb accounts

You can now connect to as many Airbnb accounts as you need. 70 is the most so far, can you top that?

Interested but we don’t have all the features you need yet?

All of our features are prioritised and shaped with our member’s input. Send us a message with your basic requirements and we’ll provide a special offer to protect you from all price increases for 12 months.

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