Following a turbulent few years, many short-term rental owners are looking for ways to elevate their business and attract more guests. People are keen to travel again - but how can you ensure vacationers choose your short-term rental over another? 

The short-term rental market is a competitive one (the average number of monthly available short-term rental units in the US was 1.067 million last year). Naturally, owners are looking for effective ways to boost their business and generate more positive reviews as the travel industry gradually picks up again. With a majority (54%) wanting to increase the profitability of their short-term rentals and nearly a third aiming to improve their ratings, it’s time to think smart. 

How can you level up your short-term rental property management? 

You’ve come to the right place. Here are four powerful ways to elevate your short-term rental business and instantly attract more guests. 

Prioritize energy efficiency

Last year saw a 70% rise in the number of people searching for sustainable travel options. Sustainability is a hot topic right now. As the world grows increasingly aware of our lasting impact on the planet, many people are looking for more sustainable ways to live and travel - including where they choose to stay. 

This year, 76% of global travelers intend to stay in a sustainable property at least once. With this in mind, it’s more important than ever to focus on ways to make your short-term rental more environmentally friendly - and it’s not just your guests that will thank you for it. 

There are plenty of ways to make your short-term rental more sustainable, from installing energy-efficient appliances (such as washing machines and shower heads) to upgrading insulation to keep bills down. Smart lights and thermostats ensure heating systems and lights aren’t overused, whereas making the simple switch to LED lightbulbs can make a huge difference to your energy savings. 

Consider offering longer-stay discounts 

Today, people want to vacation for longer. Vrbo has noted a 68% increase in 21-30-day stays on their platform, and recent research shows 55% of American travelers say they are willing to go on longer trips in 2022 since they can work remotely throughout the year. People are eager to get away - but they’re not so eager to return. 

As a short-term rental owner, offering longer-stay discounts is an effective way to attract more guests to your property, while lowering guest turnover. Whether working remotely or prioritizing family time with a longer vacation, offering discounted rates to those who stay longer is a powerful tool - and there’s clearly demand. 

Market your short-term rental to business travelers 

Business travelers represent a large (and growing) segment of the travel industry. Remote working has dramatically increased over the last few years, with more employees looking to mix business with leisure and work from anywhere in the world. For short-term rental owners, ensuring rentals are business traveler-friendly is a huge business opportunity. 

Marketing your rental to business travelers is key; the best way to do this is to make sure all amenities are clear in your listing. To work remotely, business travelers will likely need a desk and reliable wi-fi - but it pays to go the extra mile. Think about the things that appeal to business travelers; is there an internet cafe nearby? Are you close to any conference centers or meeting spaces? Do you have plenty of power sockets? Is there a printer available if needed? 

Feature all of these aspects in your listing, and don’t forget to let your guests know that you’re open to hosting business travelers and remote workers. 

Provide automated and keyless check-in and check-out options 

If there’s one thing travelers want today, it’s convenience. As technology continues to take the travel industry by storm, guests expect seamless experiences - and it all starts with check-in. Gone are the days of waiting around for late arrivals; today, it’s all about flexibility and convenient check-ins. Opting for keyless or automated check-in and check-out options is an effective way to attract more guests and simplify the experience. 

Not only does keyless entry enhance the guest experience, but it gives hosts and owners reassurance too. Traditional keys pose a big security risk (they can easily be lost, stolen, or copied) and they’re generally inconvenient. No more hiding keys under doormats or inside plant pots! 

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