We've been busy behind the scenes recently, gearing up for a few big feature releases. A number of these are based on your feedback but a few others are huge upgrades which will help us both.

A quick summary of recent features and upgrades

Official Homeaway integration
This was one of our key milestones when starting Uplisting. We now integrate in realtime with Airbnb, Booking.com and Homeaway (inc. VRBO, Stayz, Expedia and more). We're in an exclusive group as there aren't many official Homeaway channel managers out there.

Uplisting creates your Homeaway listings with the click of a button, saving a lot of time! Here's a bit more information about why this integration offers so much value.

Uplisting Protect
A powerful automated security deposit collection feature for Booking.com and Homeaway (one of our most popular features). More info here.

Inbox upgrades
Airbnb request to book requests on your inbox, disable automated messages on each booking, inbox filters, close messages and more. Our inbox now works with Airbnb, Booking.com (this official integration is limited to a handful of channel managers), Homeaway and direct bookings. Another very popular feature.

Calendar upgrades
Tag listings into groups and quickly filter on your calendar, show/hide rows on your calendar. Edit min length of stay directly on your calendar.

Booking windows for all booking sites (very popular request!). Auto-responder for Airbnb enquiries to help boost your listing ranking on Airbnb.

Under the hood
We've made lots of smaller upgrades mainly around experience and reducing the need to get our customer support involved.

What we're working on and releasing in the next few months

Official Airbnb Software Partnership

We integrated with Airbnb before they had an official integration and partnership program. It was the only solution at the time. Airbnb has since evolved and built out their technology so we're delighted to now be finalising our official partnership. This means Uplisting is one of a small number of Airbnb Official Software Partners. As you might expect, Airbnb holds a very high bar for official partners.

What will this mean for you?

Initially, you'll notice these upgrades:

  1. Connecting you Airbnb accounts.
    You won't need to enter your email and password anymore, rather approve the connection on Airbnb (similar to how you may sign in with Facebook on certain websites and apps).
  2. Speed of syncing messages and bookings (inc enquiries and request to book reservations)
    Currently Uplisting syncs bookings etc every 3 to 5 minutes from Airbnb. With this new integration, those bookings and messages will be instantly synced to Uplisting.
  3. No disconnections
    Sometimes (this is very infrequent or non-existent for most members) your Airbnb account may be disconnected and you need to reconnect. This will no longer be an issue.
  4. Uplisting is a connected app on your Airbnb accounts
    This will at the very least look more official!

In the medium, to the longer term you will notice us moving quicker and releasing more and more features, faster. I won't go into too much detail but this official integration means we will spend less time managing, optimising and building features for Airbnb.

Automated reviews for Airbnb

One of our most popular requests. As an official Airbnb partner, Uplisting has access to the official Review API. We're working on an automated review feature for Airbnb to help streamline your operations and allow you to meet the expectations of your clients.

Automated messages 2.0

A huge upgrade to our automated messages where you can create triggers for messages which can be limited to one or more channels, to one or more listings, sent at certain times before/after check-out and contain custom message tags.

Guest review & verification for Airbnb

We're adding additional information to the guest summary card you see on each booking, enquiry and request.

Quickly see if a guest is verified, reviews and average review rating

Management fee calculations

You enter your commission and Uplisting automatically calculates your management fees on each booking, in reports, and through our Zapier app.

Additional payment processors

We're adding payment processors for the UK, US, South Africa, Iceland and many more. If you're looking for a particular provider — send us a message!

Online booking page

This is a feature we've thought long and hard about and are very excited to release. Rather than just provide you with a page where guests can book, our goal is to help you get bookings. This feature will be HUGE for helping you bring in more repeat guests — we have a few exciting solutions to help you drive more commission-free reservations. Watch this space!

Mobile app

Again, one of the most popular requests. We'll be sending designs around to our beta testers for feedback soon (let us know if you'd like to get a sneak peek!).

As always we are an open book for feedback and thoughts and welcome all feedback.

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