Our mission is to provide you with the best innovations to support the growth of your short-term rental business, so we’re always on the hunt for new relationships with dynamic companies. And this is a game-changing one! The cleanliness of your properties has never been so vital, which is why we’re delighted to announce our partnership with TurnoverBnB - an automation service to simplify your cleaning schedule. 

We know from experience that as we help your business grow, with our specifically designed all-in-one property management solution, keeping on top of inefficiencies can be difficult. With well-chosen partnerships, we aim to reduce these issues so you can offer a 5-star experience to your guests. Growth is only valuable when it’s done right, so we’re working with you to ensure this process increases revenue reliably. 

What is TurnoverBnB?

TurnoverBnB connects hosts with Airbnb cleaners, and automatically manages the vacation rental cleaning process. Auto scheduling, auto payment, and a centralized communication app give property managers the tools they need to streamline their vacation rental business smartly. 

What this means for Uplisting customers

This partnership is raising the bar for smart vacation rental cleaning. The integration means that Uplisting’s customers will be able to automatically sync their booking calendars with TurnoverBnB’s automatic scheduling solution, saving the property manager both time and money. With this solution added to our platform, you can aim for excellent Airbnb reviews for hygiene/cleanliness every time. 

Decrease inefficiencies in your vacation rental cleaning process with tech that notifies the cleaners if rooms are available ahead of checkout - so you can optimize their time and even profit from offering early check-in to the next guest. 

Optimize and grow your business

Since Uplisting’s launch in 2017, in addition to our short term rental software, we are continually looking for ways to improve the processes you need to optimize your business. To keep up with tech advances and trend shifts, we aim to partner with the most relevant companies. 

Vince Breslin, CEO and Co-founder of Uplisting commented: “Cleaning is one of the most challenging aspects of vacation rental management. Scheduling turnovers and sourcing reliable cleaners can be a huge pain point, and if mismanaged results in poor guest experiences, operational headaches and unhappy clients. At Uplisting, our aim is to connect with solutions that provide value to our members. TurnoverBnB excels in all aspects of vacation rental cleaning and we’re delighted to partner with them”.

Assaf Karmon, CEO and Co-founder of TurnoverBnB added, “We are thrilled to be integrated with Uplisting, one of the fastest growing property management systems in the industry. Working with Uplisting will provide us with the opportunity to support their expanding network across North America, the UK, and Europe.”

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