What is BookingTrust?

BookingTrust is a trust accounting software designed for short-term rentals.

How can BookingTrust help me?

BookingTrust offers cloud-based trust accounting software and services that save you time and let you focus on what you're good at. As you know, there are distinct differences between residential and short-term holiday management.

Firstly, there is the need to hold deposits, BookingTrust does that without effort.

Next, there is all the little things that need to be added on, booking charges, linen, wifi, cots, extra beds (you get the drift), BookingTrust has those things built in, not added on to the software.

Booking cancellations are also handled in the way you require, so you don't have to work around the system you've got.

How to get started with BookingTrust

  1. Contact BookingTrust using the contact form on their website.
  2. Share your Uplisting API key.
  3. Done! Your bookings will automatically sync to BookingTrust.

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