What is Schlage?

Schlage offers a range of smart locks that integrate with a variety of leading home automation systems.

How can Schlage help me?

Connecting Schlage + Remotelock + Uplisting means you can automated guest check-in's entirely. Uplisting creates a unique door lock code for each guest reservation. The unique door code is can be dynamically inserted into your automated guest messages using the {lock_code} message tag.

How to get started with Schlage

  1. Sign-up for a demo on Remotelock
  2. Connect your Schlage locks to Remotelock.
  3. Connect your Remotelock account to Uplisting on the Connect page.
  4. Map your Remotelock locks to your Uplisting listings on that same page.
  5. Insert the {lock_code} message tag into your automated messages where appropriate.
  6. Done! Automated guest check-in with smart locks is now up and running.
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