What is Clearing?

Clearing is a trust accounting and automated bookkeeping software tailored for Short-Term Rental property managers.

How can Clearing help me?

The perks of this integration includes:

Track Cashflow Like a Pro: Clearing helps you keep an eye on cash flow from multiple sources. Never miss a beat with your income again!

Expenses Made Easy: Managing expenses can be tricky, but not with Clearing. Track and categorize your costs effortlessly.

Generate Owner Statements in a Snap: Need to provide owner statements? Generate and share comprehensive owner statements in a matter of clicks.

Pay Homeowners & Vendors Fast: Speed up payments to homeowners and vendors with Clearing's smart payment solutions.

Closing Books is a Breeze: Clearing's automated system simplifies the process of closing your books, saving you valuable time

How to get started with Clearing

  1. Sign-up or log into Clearing.
  2. Grab your Uplisting API key, here.
  3. Paste your Uplisting API key on the Uplisting integration page in Clearing.
  4. Configure your assets within Clearing.
  5. Once you have loaded your properties, you have completed the integration setup!

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