What is KeyNest?

KeyNest have a vast network of locations across 13 countries where you can store keys, so that they can later be picked up by guests, cleaners, staff or contractors.

How can KeyNest help me?

Have you been stuck waiting around for guests and cleaners just to share keys to your property? It is quite frustrating and a waste of time I’m sure. That’s why KeyNest was put in place as a key exchange ‘middleman’ to save your time.

How to get started with KeyNest

  1. Sign-up for a KeyNest account here
  2. Deposit your keys using drop-off code
  3. Connect Uplisting to KeyNest via Zapier using this template.
  4. Send your obtained collection code to your guest
  5. Get notified each time your keys are collected or returned
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via Zapier
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