What is Cleanster?

Schedule vetted professional cleaners for your short-term rental.

How can Cleanster help me?

Easy Scheduling: Book cleanings right from Uplisting, aligned with your booking calendar.

Top-notch Cleaners: Access professional cleaners dedicated to making your property spotless.

Manage Everything in One Place: Keep track of cleaning schedules and updates without leaving Uplisting.

How to get started with Cleanster

  1. Sign-up or log into Cleanster.com here.
  2. Find your Partner API key on the Connect page> API screen (here).
  3. Copy the API key from Uplisting
  4. Go to the Uplisting connection page on Cleanster.com and paste it into the "API Key" field
  5. Choose and save property
  6. Connect to existing property

View full guide here.

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