What is Zapier?

Zapier is an extremely powerful tool which lets you connect over 1000 apps with the Uplisting API. Once you connect your Uplisting account to Zapier, you automate your workflows.

How can Zapier help me?

Zapier can help automate your business. We use Zapier internally to automate lots of processes and chores. For example if a member needs to change their domain for their website we send a Google form which they fill in. Once complete the submission is sent via Zapier to our project management tool where our team picks up each task. Once an engineer marks the task as complete another Zap updates our customer support team via Slack. This simple Zap alone removes the need for a member of the team to manually check anything.

A few example of how to use Zapier

Be sure to check out the pre-made templates below to see the power of Uplisting and Zapier and to get started easily. Here are a few ideas on how to use Zapier:

  1. Send all (or some) booking information to an Airtable sheet and create custom operational views and analytics
  2. Automatically add guest email addresses to Facebook Custom Audiences. Create lookalike audiences with these guests and advertise towards them to increase direct bookings.
  3. Add all guest contact details to Google Contacts so when a guest calls your phone, you can answer them by name.
  4. Send SMS messages to your cleaning team whenever you get a new booking.
  5. Send an alert to a Slack channel whenever you get a new booking, a booking is modified or is cancelled.

How to get started

  1. Sign up for Zapier (Zapier has a free forever plan. Paid plans scale with usage).
  2. Check out our Getting started guide.
  3. Need more info? Check out our guides.

Get started with a Zap template

To get started we recommend using one of the recommended Uplisting Zaps. This will make it easy to get some of the most popular automations set up in a couple of clicks.

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