The GateGoing service is designed for hosts who want to automate access control for garage doors, arm barriers, and similar installations at their properties.

Assuming a garage door has a previously installed GSM opener of any type, or a new one installed with our guidance, you can download their mobile app or use their 'Admin' website to set up a new entry using the opener’s details.

The host then registers with GateGoing on Uplisting by visiting\admin\?integration=uplisting , entering the business name and then paste the Uplisting API key.

Connect with Uplisting

At this stage, webhooks will be created, and historical data will be updated. Uplisting properties are also synchronized with the GateGoing system, allowing, you, the host to link them with the controlled entries.

Connecting the right locks to the right properties

The final step completes the onboarding process, enabling the host to fully automate the granting of access permissions to guests via email and SMS. These permissions are sent 48 hours before check-in and remain valid from check-in to checkout times.

Comprehensive information, including granted permissions and errors such as missing email and phone details in reservations, can be found on the dashboard.

Dashboard Overview

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